Author: Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD
Paperback: 97 pages
Language: English

"The enlightened multitude can stop the injustice brought about by a handful of people."

War is an ancient-and primitive-way of dealing with conflict. Why can't we find a better way? What are the root causes of violence? Is it possible to build a truly lasting peace? If so, where do we begin?

The world's traditions teach us that change in society begins at the individual level. Drawing on the philosophy of yoga and other spiritual systems, Why We Fight: Practices for Lasting Peace offers practical tools for self-transformation. Through contemplation and spiritual practice we can replace greed, desire, jealousy, and anger with compassion, tolerance, and love for ourselves and others.

Cultivating these qualities in our daily lives gives us the power to change the world. Previously titled Yoga on War and Peace. This revised edition features a new foreword by Deborah Willoughby, editor of Yoga International magazine, and a new chapter of inspirational contemplations drawn from all the world's spiritual traditions.