Edited by: Brandt Dayton
Paperback: 365 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9780893890476

The strong, free words of Swami Rama Tirtha spread hope throughout East and West at the turn of this century. The short career of this brilliant scholar and sage led him from the sublime heights of the Himalayas to Japan, Egypt, and far around the Western world to the United States where he translated the ancient philosophy of Vedanta into practical, modern terms. This new collection of Rama Tirtha's works presents remarkable selections from the lectures, letters, poems, and notebooks which were left by the young saint. Great truths of Eastern thought are taught with simple reason and illustrated with profound and humorous tales. Essays from his personal journal describe spiritual experiences in deep mountain solitude. At heart a joyful poet, Rama Tirtha's spirit soared in the pure beauty of nature. Playful and far-ranging thoughts reflect the wisdom and love of a true man of God. Every modern reader of Practical Vedanta will find inspiration in Swami Rama Tirtha's essential philosophy of self-realization.