Author: Swami Rama
Paperback: 151 pages
Language: English

Today, we have access to every conceivable kind of knowledge about the world around us, yet few of us have even the dimmest knowledge of our innermost selves. Swami Rama - one of the most influential yogis to visit the Western world in the twentieth century - was raised in the cave monasteries of the Himalayas, where the central tenet of education was to first know one's own inner being. Leaving the idyllic world of the meditation masters behind, Swami Rama was shocked by the ignorance and corruption he found everywhere around him. In Spirituality: Transformation Within and Without, Swami Rama calls on us all to return to the fundamental values of mankind, especially as they are articulated by the sages who founded the world's great religions. He asks us to integrate these values with the insights of science to create a more enlightened society, and to find our own inner truth.