Author: Linda Johnson
Paperback: 126 pages
Language: English

Linda Johnsen has seen experienced meditators stop breathing and become motionless as they enter a state of enlightenment, totally absorbed in bliss. Some of her spiritual teachers have read her thoughts and memories like a newspaper, responding verbally to statements she made only in the silence of her mind. Johnsen tells these and other stories in her latest book to communicate that meditation is not boring - it is an experience of intense mental absorption that obliterates not only boredom but also the sense of time and space.

This light yet well-studied guide provides inspiration and practical tips to help you improve your spiritual practice. It discusses the role of spiritual teachers, the importance of selfless service and devotion, and general principles of living.

Johnsen provides lists of problems commonly encountered in spiritual life and specific remedies to address them. She combines an engaging writing style with her own amazing experiences and a thorough knowledge of ancient scriptures to inspire, educate, and bring new vitality to your spiritual life.