Author: Swami Rama
Paperback: 132 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9780893891138

This book is addressed to those who are interested in learning Indian music. It is a basic introduction to the system of Indian music, complete with vocal exercises for those who wish to practice training their voice.

Indian classical music is as ancient as the human race itself. How fortunate is he or she who loves to sing or play an instrument! Indian classical music is deep, profound, and melodious. It draws upon the rhythms of nature that resonate in the human heart. Everyone can respond to it Singing, playing instruments, dancing painting, and composing poetry are all various ways of expressing human emotions in a creative manner Music is the highest way of expressing emotions When I observe the effect of music on students, it is evident that those who acquire the taste for singing or playing music are happier that those who do not.
- Swami Rama