Himalaye-Ke-Siddha-YogiAuthor: Pandit Tigunait
Paperback: 174 pages
Language: Hindi

Himalaye Ke Siddha Yogi is the long-awaited Hindi biography of Sri Swami Rama, sharing the spiritually-illuminating story of his early adulthood, and experiences with the great Himalayan masters. This book includes a rare, detailed account of the life of Swami Rama's master, the acclaimed sage Bengali Baba, and shares Swamiji's precious experiences with his master.

This volume is based on the Hindi translation of the first several chapters of the best-selling 'Official Biography of Sri Swami Rama', translated by the author, Pandit Tigunait, himself. It is a classic book which will help modern seekers understand the spiritual training and quest for mastery of one of the greatest sages of the 20th century—Sri Swami Rama.