Author: Swami Rama
Paperback: 124 pages
Language: English

An inspiring collection of Swami Rama's teachings on finding and keeping happiness. This clearly written and insightful book contains the inspirational teachings of Swami Rama on how to find and keep happiness in daily life. These passages identify the causes of unhappiness and provide direction in how to keep centered and joyful. Learn the art of yama--self regulation and self-observation. Reap the benefits of meditation--relaxation, focus, increased, and so much more. And discover the elements of a conscious mind--manas (mind), ahamkara (ego), and buddhi (intellect).

"You are a creation of God, but happiness is your creation. You are equipped with everything that you need to live a happy life. Your only job is to discover the source of happiness within and infuse your surroundings with that inner happiness." -Swami Rama

"Practitioners of New Age and Eastern spirituality will surely appreciate Swami Rama's insights... Any reader looking to be moved to greater holiness, compassion, and humility will find ample fodder for reflection." -Melanie Seibert, Foreword Magazine