Author: Swami Rama
Paperback: 137 pages
Language: English

Celestial Song of the Gobind Geet is the dialogue between Sri Guru Gobind Singh and Banda Singh Bahadur, two great leaders in the history of humanity and the Sikh tradition. This poetic interchange presents the ideals of Sikh dharma in a simple and lucid way so that they can be enjoyed, understood, and applied by all who hear them. A central theme of the book is that the spiritually aware have a responsibility to help those in the world - that selfless service to humanity is, in fact, a spiritual practice. To serve, to remember, and to love are the three essential aspects of the Sikh dharma.

"Not only an epic with great spiritual and poetic heights but also a divinely inspired work." -Dr. Mohinder Singh, Director, Guru Nanak Institute for Comparative Study of Religion
"The foundation of intolerance is the failure to recognize ourselves in others. This lucid exposition of the Vedantic basis of Sikh ethics should remind both Hindus and Sikhs of their common philosophical legacy, while dealing with a problem of immense importance for thoughtful South Asians: the relation of religious devotion to public duty." -Professor Murray Leaf, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas, Author of The Song of Hope: The Green Revolution in a Punjab Village, and Information and Behaviour in a Sikh Village: Social Organization Reconsidered