Author: Swami Rama
Paperback: 100 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9780893891749

The new yet ancient concept known as holistic health affirms the complete interrelationship between body, mind, and spirit. As an authority in both Eastern and Western techniques, Swami Rama presents a philosophy of total health. Maintaining that each individual possesses the responsibility and the tools to regulate his own well being, he discusses the practical aspects of cleansing, nourishing, being still, utilizing the emotions, self-training, and exercise.

"...excellent manual in everyday preventive medicine with sound, basic skills indispensable for long term health in body and mind." -Alan C. Hymes, M.D., Cardiovascular Surgeon, U. of Minn. Medical School

"If you have been wondering where to begin in a program for adopting healthful regimes, A Practical Guide to Holistic Health is a 'natural'." -The A.R.E. Journal

"Filled with helpful information... The ideas are easily understood and any reader who wants to change and elevate his day-to-day existence will profit by dipping into its pages." -SSC Booknews